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Giving Programs

Donations are applied 100% as the donor requests. No administrative fees or other expenses are taken from gifts. Prompt acknowledgement letters are sent to the family or individual, when a memorial gift or an in honor gift is made to Laughlin Health Care Foundation. The Laughlin Health Care Foundation is a 501 (c) (3), not-for-profit organization, which makes your gift tax-deductible, according to your particular tax situation. Please know your gift is used wisely and very much appreciated. To make a contribution to the Laughlin Health Care Foundation please call 423.787.5117, or click on our new DONATE button below to use PayPal or Credit Card. Please denote which program you wish to donate to when using PayPal or Credit Card option. To do this, on the second screen after you click DONATE, expand the section called "Identify Fund for your donation", and enter the Giving Program's name from below.
We accept Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover

Tree of Life
Major gifts - designated and undesignated

Tree of Life
Location: Main Lobby
Purpose: Unrestricted
Giving Levels: $1000 and up


The Giving Tree
Support for cancer care

The Giving Tree
Location: 1st floor Radiation Oncology
Purpose: Cancer care
Giving Levels: $100+, $500+, $5000+


The Growing Tree
Support for Children's Center

The Growing Tree
Location: 3rd floor Children's Center lobby
Purpose: Children's Center
Giving Levels: $25+, $50+, $100+, $250+, $500+


Loving Hearts
Support for ICU and Fourth Floor

Loving Hearts
Location: 4th floor lobby
Purpose: 4th floor/ICU
Giving Levels: $25+, $50+, $100+, $250+, $500+, $2000+


Gifts of the Heart
In memorial and in honor giving, at level desired by donor.

Gifts of the Heart
Unrestricted Gifts: Provide funds where patient needs are greatest.


Hearts with Hands Employee Emergency Fund
Payroll deduction and fund raising activities

Hearts with Hands Employee Emergency Fund
Purpose: Emergency support for Laughlin Memorial Hospital employees in need

Legacy of Caring
Support for Laughlin Healthcare Center

Location: Entrance Lobby Hall of Healthcare Center
Purpose: Unrestricted
Giving Levels: $25.00 and up
Giving program is dedicated in honor of Dr. Nathan P. and Helen L. Horner


Other giving programs available:

  • Endowment funds (principal invested and only interest distributed)
  • Scholarship funds:
    • Dr. C. B. Laughlin Education Fund
    • The Dr. Walter C. Chapman Memorial Medical Staff Scholarship Fund
    • Pauline W. Nichols Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Laughlin Memorial Hospital Long Drive and Pro/Am Golf Tournament
  • Designated funds
  • And others