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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

NEWS RELEASE  -  October 4, 2017  -  Contact:  Betty S. Weemes, 787-5117

Photo:  Pictured above are staff members on the “front-line” of 3D mammography and other innovative breast imaging procedures at Laughlin Center for Women’s Health, Laughlin Memorial Hospital.  They are center, front row, left to right: Dee Dunbar; Karen Teague R.T.(R)(M); Kellye Carroll, RDMS; and Jenna Hammonds, RDMS, RDCS, RVT.  Back row, left to right: Lisa Kirk, R.T.(R)(M); Cindy Wright, RDMS, RDCS, RVT; Leah Cremins, R.T.(R)(M); and Chandra Myers, RVT.  Far left, Chuck Whitfield, Laughlin Memorial Hospital president and CEO; far right, Jesse Taylor, Laughlin Memorial Hospital director of medical imaging.

The group is standing, surrounded by a breast cancer awareness fall display featuring white and pink pumpkins and other natural foliage plants.  Each patient is greeted by this Breast Cancer Awareness visual, as they enter the Laughlin Center for Women’s Health.


During October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the campus at Laughlin has been “painted pink” to promote attention of breast cancer issues with numerous activities inside the Hospital and with the community to promote recognition of good breast health. 

The campus was “painted pink” by students from Chuckey-Doak High School, who participate in the “Tell Your Mom, Save a Life…and More” program.  Support for “Painting the Campus Pink” has also been provided by hospital volunteers and members of the Laughlin Health Care Foundation Board of Trustees in keeping with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The entrance of the Laughlin Center for Women’s Health is welcoming visitors and patients with pink and white pumpkins with all the fall trimmings.  Volunteers and hospital staff will distribute approximately 1000 pink logo mugs and a packet of information to Women’s Center patients.  Many community organizations have requested information on breast cancer awareness and education.  And, employees will be spotted wearing pink every Friday to bring awareness to this great cause.

Although many great strides have been made in breast cancer awareness and treatment, there remains much to be accomplished.  As Breast Cancer Awareness is observed during the month of October, Laughlin remains dedicated to educating and empowering women to take charge of their own breast health by practicing regular self-breast exams to identify any changes; scheduling regular visits with their healthcare provider; observing annual mammograms, as age appropriate; adhering to prescribed treatment; and knowing the facts about recurrence.

For additional information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities and educational material, contact the Laughlin Health Care Foundation at 787-5117.