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Financial Assistance

Laughlin Memorial Hospital offers a variety of programs for patients who need help paying for healthcare services. Please contact our patient accounts department at 423-787-5000 to determine if you are eligible for assistance.

Your patient account representative can help you determine whether you are eligible for:

***A monthly payment schedule

***Discounts for uninsured patients

***Free or discounted services under our uncompensated care policy.

Financial Assistance Policy

In recognition of its charitable mission to residents in our service area, Laughlin Memorial Hospital has established a program to provide financial assistance to eligible patients who are insured or under-insured and do not have adequate financial resources to pay for healthcare services provided by the hospital.

Click here to view a plain-language summary of the hospital’s financial assistance policy. You may be eligible for free medically necessary care based on your family income. Families earning less than than 200% of current federal poverty guidelines may be eligible for either free or discounted care. Your patient account representative can provide guidance on how to apply.

Click here for the FULL hospital financial assistance policy.

Please review the following disclosures related to the hospital financial assistance policy:

Click here for the the Addendum to the Financial Assistance Policy.

Click here for the the Calculation of Amount Owed for Financial Assistance Eligible Individuals.

You may print the form below or call our office to obtain a form to request this service.

Financial Assistance Policy (Request for Financial Assistance Services)